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Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are very common issues and most people will experience varying degrees of it from time to time.  If it becomes an issue and you feel unable to manage it - hypnotherapy can help.

About Stress & Anxiety

We feel it physically, mentally and emotionally. Stressful events will affect everyone in different ways.


🙇Physical signs - tension in muscles, bodily aches, bodily symptoms such as digestive issues, headache, dizziness, fatigue, loss of or increased appetite, being unable to sleep or frequent waking.😧While you should always get physical symptoms checked by your GP, stress can be a cause in some cases.


😥Emotional signs - feeling on high alert to everything, an increased startle response, feeling irrational, overestimating danger, maybe feeling you can't focus on everyday tasks, feeling tearful.


😤Behavioural signs - arguing over everything and nothing, procrastinating, increase in unhealthy coping mechanisms - alcohol in excess, gambling, etc. Nail biting, and similar habits. Some people may want to reach out to others while some may withdraw completely.


🙇We may experience some or all of the above or may have bouts of each one. 


It comes as no surprise that trying to work or sleep in a body that is primed for survival, won't feel very pleasant. Attempting to just not think about it and calm down likely will only work minimally if at all. Your brain wants you to know there's a predator remember. 🦖When under stress, our brains become hypervigilant and on high alert. We can become over-sensitised to danger and overestimate the threat. This sends our nervous system into overdrive. It can be a vicious circle of feeling stress, focusing on the worst-case scenarios, and feeling more stress until eventually, it gets out of control.

How Can I Help?


Using a combination of therapeutic techniques we can work together to lower the stress response, increase coping skills and teach you how to calm your mind and let go of unnecessary worry.

Pay per session - £70

Four-session package - Calm Your Mind. Utilising a number of therapeutic techniques and teaching you ways to maintain your calm after the sessions - £200

Sessions take place face to face at park View Medical Clinic, Middlesbrough or via secure live online video session.

It is important to have had a check with your GP in cases of anxiety, depression, or panic attacks. In some cases if you are under treatment for anxiety, depression, etc I may have to refer you back to the GP, this is to ensure you are receiving the appropriate help and support. Please be aware that I am unable to make any mental health diagnosis.