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Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation

Hypnobirthing and Antenatal courses in Teesside, the North East of England & Online 
with Claire Marron

Supporting parents-to-be since 2013. 

Having supported parents for over 10 years through pregnancy, birth, and beyond, I have a vast amount of experience and expertise to bring you a really informative class, ensuring you will get the best from your birth preparation. I myself have used hypnosis techniques ( hypnobirthing) for one of my own births, and can highly recommend it - it was literally life-changing for me and I only wish I'd used it for all four! I will work with you as an individual to make sure you get the best class for your needs. My classes have been receiving 5-star reviews on Netmums, Google, and Facebook for over 11 years!



Hypnotherapist Online

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What do the courses involve?

My 5* reviewed courses offer you a bespoke and personalised experience, all from the comfort of your own home.
​I will work with you and your birthing partner, providing a fully tailored antenatal course, with one-to-one guidance as you practice hypnobirthing techniques.

The course brings you powerful mindset shifts to cope with whatever birth brings. You will gain mind-calm and relaxation techniques, confidence-boosting skills, and a wealth of practical information about labour and birth. We will work together to address any specific fears and ensure you have all you need to make this birth a good experience.

We can schedule your sessions at times and dates to suit you and I can travel within a reasonable distance of Teesside, or we can work together online anywhere in the UK and beyond.

My support does not end after your course - you can contact me if you need any additional guidance up until the birth. 


What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal education course covering practical and mindset techniques to help you through labour. It is very much NOT just a fancy way to breathe baby out, it is NOT putting yourself into a trance and hoping to feel no pain. It is NOT aiming for the perfect birth. It is NOT just for easy low intervention birth. Hypnobirthing works with the powerful subconscious mind to address any fears, doubts, or uncertainties - so you'll be confident, calm, and more in control.
It is a complete game changer in terms of your approach to birth - you'll know what you want and how to work towards it. You'll go from feeling okay and hoping for a good experience, to feeling prepared, ready, and knowing you have lots of options to make it the best birth it can be for you - no matter how it goes on the day.
You'll know that it won't go out the window if things don't go to plan - because you'll have a complete set of skills to deal with it. The hypnosis skills aren't just for birth either - many people still use them years later for life.

What are the benefits of a hypnobirthing course?

Previous clients have told me they noticed the following benefits

(see birth stories)

  • Using hypnobirthing can give you the confidence to deal with changes in plan

  • You can feel calmer and more prepared for birth

  • It can give you the confidence to make decisions that are right for you and to ask the right questions

  • Relaxation skills to help you navigate the early days of parenting

  • Feeling empowered, informed, and able to deal with whatever labour and birth bring on the day - so you feel more in control

  • Feeling calmer and more relaxed throughout pregnancy

  • Birth partners gain the skills and confidence to help you rather than feeling like a spare part

  • A greater understanding about what to expect in labour physically and emotionally

  • Self-hypnosis and mind calm skills for everyday life, continue to be useful long after birth 

  • Natural pain relief methods to deal with contractions


Is this only for straighforward birth? 

Hypnobirthing is for any type of birth. It is definitely not just for straightforward birth, birth without pain relief, or just for home birth.

I have supported parents who have used hypnobirthing for the following situations:


It doesn't matter how or where you give birth, hypnobirthing can be for you.

What Do Previous Clients Say

Hypnobirthing Middlesbrough

Rachel & baby Ruby

Through hypnotherapy, I achieved my perfect delivery of my beautiful baby yesterday. From the first contraction at 5am, I used all the knowledge and understanding learned through your classes. My anxiety was a baby too big for me to deliver... I had a 9-hour labour and gave birth to Ruby off my scale at 9lb 6oz... Naturally and comfortably. I would strongly recommend these classes.


See Rachels's birth story here

Hypnobirthing Course

Laura, Anthony & baby Cece

We will be 100% recommending Claire's workshops to all of our friends and family.  Thank you so much for an informative, relaxed, and wonderful experience.
Our little water baby was born 29th July at 3.01pm in the birth pool at home surrounded by fairy lights, beautiful music and her Mummy and Daddy. Cecelia was born into absolute calm and she didn't make a sound when she arrived because she was so chilled!

See Laura's birth story here

Hypnobirthing Middlesbrough

Jo, Richard & baby Jaxon

Baby Jaxon is a really calm and happy baby and I believe this is because hypnobirthing kept me calm and relaxed throughout my pregnancy. I couldn't recommend your course and hypnobirthing enough. Thank you for giving me the tools to have a positive birth story ❤️ xxx

Joanne, Richard & Jaxon

See Joanne's birth story here

Hypnobirthing Middlesbrough

Jo & baby Oliver James

The midwife told me afterwards that I inspired her to have children because I made it look easy! My birth took 6 hours. My partner come along to one of the sessions and was sceptical and thought it was a load of rubbish! His opinion has completely changed, he seen me give birth so peacefully and thinks hypnobirthing is fantastic!

Jo & Oliver
See Jo's birth story here

Induction of labour

Katy, Tom & baby Ava Jayne  

I could not recommend hypnobirthing with Claire enough! She went the extra mile and was even providing support throughout my labour via WhatsApp. Hypnobirthing is something every woman should be doing before giving birth - it really does make a huge difference. 

Katy & baby Ava
See birth story here

Hypnobirthing Middlesbrough

Laura, Stewart & baby Freddie

Aside from having my perfect birth experience, the following months have been the least anxious I have been in a very long time. Having severe pre and postnatal anxiety with my first born, it really scared me the thought of having to go through that again. But with the knowledge I have gained in the classes with Claire, I've been able to transfer it into my everyday life, using the relaxation CDs and strategies that work for me!

Ready to invest in your birth experience?


Birth Preparation Power Hour

One-off session to get your mind in the right place before birth - a guided hypnosis session to work on any fears/worries or just to feel more prepared.


60-90 minutes



Hypnobirthing Express Essentials

Private 1-1 course.

3 hours.

An intensive course featuring the essentials of hypnobirthing.

Also suitable as a refresher.




Hypnobirthing & Practical Birth Preparation

Private 1-1 course. 

6 hours, in-depth course including hypnobirthing techniques and practical birth education.




Casearean Birth Preparation

Private 1-1 course.

Hypnobirthing for Caesarean - effective techniques you can use in all stages.



Your Questions Answered

Hypnobirthing FAQs

What if I'm already doing an antenatal course?

Hypnobirthing FAQs

Do I need to do this if I'm already really calm?

Hypnobirthing FAQs

What if I need a c section, or I'm high risk?
 Is hypnobirthing still relevant?

Hypnobirthing is a perfect complement to a standard antenatal course. A hypnobirthing course works on achieving powerful mindset shifts and can work well alongside any other course.

You don't need to be worried about birth to take a hypnobirthing course. It is a complete birth education course taking you through all the practical stages of labour.

It also equips you with powerful mindset techniques for life.

Hypnobirthing can help so much for caesarean, allowing you to feel calm during the procedure.

If you are having a planned

caesarean, we can do a specific class focusing on this so you are fully prepared. If you have an emergency or unplanned caesarean, the techniques you have practised before birth can easily be used in this situation. Knowing what questions to ask, and having easy-to-use mind-calm and relaxation techniques, can help you make caesarean a positive experience. See caesarean stories to read about how this can help.


When is the best time to attend a course?

The ideal time to begin the course is between 20 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. This is because it's a good idea to give yourself time to practice breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, and relaxation in addition to classes. However, many people attend later on - the latest a client has attended my course was two days before birth! While it isn't ideal to leave it this late, you can still really benefit.

Hypnobirthing FAQs

Will it give me a pain free birth?

While it's possible to have much less pain in labour when using hypnosis, we are not aiming for a pain-free birth. 

We are aiming to use techniques which will enable you to remain calm, in control, more comfortable and help your work with your body during labour.  Some people, myself included, will still say it was painful, though they cope far better with the pain when they have good techniques to manage it.


What if it doesn't work?

This depends on what you expect to happen for it to have "worked".

It is wrong to assume if you experience pain or need intervention in labour, that hypnosis hasn't worked. 

You have effective ways to manage whatever sensations you may feel. You have calming techniques, adrenaline reduction, communication skills and much more - the list goes on. You learn self-hypnosis to be able to take yourself into a deeply relaxed state in any situation - not just birth. You really gain so much from this, that no matter how your birth goes - it has helped you in some way! 

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