Client Birth Stories - Home Birth Hospital Birth, Induction, C Section

Unplanned Caesarean Kemi & Baby Monroe Lennox

Although this is not the birth I would have chosen or planned I feel I handled it better than I ever could before hypnotherapy. ​ Things did not nearly go to plan but I still feel it was a positive experience.
My waters broke at 1 am and I began having contractions by half-past. I visited hospital following midwife advice and expectedly returned home only 1cm dilated. Once at home I got wrapped up nice and warm sitting in my nursing chair using my relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques to manage my contractions. I did this until about 7 am when my contractions were very strong and frequent.
On return to the hospital, my cervix was completely softened and thinned out the midwife said I had done really well to get to this point but unfortunately I was still 1cm but due to the frequency and intensity of the contractions they kept me in in fear that once I dilated things would progress quickly. I spent a further 8 hours with these strong contractions remaining at 1 cm, the midwives were surprised that I had not dilated as I was having regular intense contractions however they continually commented on how relaxed I was. Eventually reaching 3cm 4 hours later I was taken to the labour ward, at this point I did request gas and air (having already utilised 3 amazing lavender baths throughout the day) as things were beginning to take their toll, I think mostly because of the length of time. Shortly after this, I became dehydrated, observations were high and they discovered I had an infection so was placed on high dependency and given numerous drips and various other intrusive procedures. This continued for 7-8 hours during which time I remained calm and relaxed, and continued to use my breathing and relaxation techniques and gas and air to manage the pain and distract from what was happening around me, again midwives commented on how calm I was and each new person I saw was shocked that I had not had any pain relief. However my labour had still not progressed and due to infection and concerns for the baby I was taken to have a c section at around 3:45 am on what was now the following day, and my beautiful little girl was born.​ My partner, mother and sister (who popped in several times during the event) commented on how well I had handled such an intense and stressful situation and said themselves that they did not think I would have been the same without hypnotherapy. Even afterwards I am remaining positive knowing that I did everything I could and unfortunately sometimes things are unseen and out of our control. So I'd like to thank Claire for your wonderful classes and support even when you're off the clock :) 



Unplanned Caesarean - Donna & baby Heidi Maya

Even though your labour doesn't go to plan, hypnotherapy still works! It was really a wonderful experience and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

​My beautiful baby girl Heidi was born on May 24th (her due date). My waters broke on the 22nd and we went down to hospital to check that everything was ok and got sent back home. My contractions started through the night, I had lots of baths which helped. When we got to hospital I was 6cm and went straight through to the delivery suite. I felt really good that I had managed to get that far.


Once I was in the delivery suite, I had gas and air which really helped. I tried to use different strategies like going to a relaxed place and standing up. One thing that really helped was using the dial and visualising the pain getting weaker. This was something that I didn't even think would work and I didn't really think I would use it, but it just goes to show how much the relaxation works and how much you take in even if you fall asleep when listening to the cd! My partner knew the right times to speak to me and for most of the time I didn't speak a word to him, apart from giving him thumbs up. The midwife was fab and she kept saying how strong my contractions were coming, however when she examined me 5 hours later I hadn't dilated any further! I did get an injection of meptid as I felt quite disheartened, but it didn't really do much. I kept going using the dial and a few hours later I was ready to push! I pushed for an hour but baby Heidi didn't want to come out! They took me to theatre and gave me an epidural. They tried to turn her but it didn't work so I ended up having a Caesarean. Baby Heidi Maya was born at 00:38 weighing 7lb 9oz and was just perfect! I can honestly say it was not distressing at all! Everything was so calm and I knew that everything was going to be ok and it would soon be over! I don't think I would have been so calm and relaxed of it hadn't have been for natal hypnotherapy!

Thank you Claire for the wonderful sessions, it really made the labour experience so much better than I could have imagined! Xx Donna

Katie & baby Luca - Planned caesarean

My first baby was breech and I ended up having a planned c section, I really wanted to try and have a natural birth second time around but I was worried about the whole experience (and pain, I'm a wimp!) and thought that hypnobirthing would help keep me relaxed and help my body do all it could to let me have a natural birth.
I loved the classes, they were calm, relaxed and friendly and were a great way to take some 'me' time and relax. I really felt that the hypnobirthing element worked and I totally 'zoned out' during the sessions. I ended up with another planned c section, I was really disappointed, but the hypnobirthing still helped, it kept me calm during the section and I really felt like I recovered quicker.
I definitely helped me to recover quicker and handle the pain post c section much better, breathing techniques etc were really useful in those first few days. Thank you for the experience, totally loved it, 

Katie & Luca xxx

Unplanned Caesarean - total opposite of the birth plan!

This isn’t the fairytale labour story that everyone hopes for but your training and support were priceless.
I just wanted to share my delivery experience and to say thank you for all the skills and techniques you taught me that allowed me to remain calm and embrace every moment. You may remember that before completing the hypnobirthing sessions my main concerns were not being able to have a water birth and having to stay in hospital a long time.
Through practicing breathing as a method of relaxation as well as distraction techniques it meant that although my main worries were realised they did not manifest themselves as concerns or stress.
My due date was 15th September and despite having 3 sweeps that date came and went. I was scheduled for an induction on 22nd and despite hearing that induced labours can be longer and more painful this didn’t phase me. I am putting the calm feelings down to the skills you taught me.

On arrival at the hospital, I was told I couldn’t be treated as a low-risk induction because my blood pressure was high enough to be of concern. That instantly dashed my hopes of a water birth but by reminding myself that the goal wasn’t the labour process it was the baby I would have at the end of it I was able to go with the flow.
After having my waters broken and being on a Syntocinon drip I started to get contractions. These were very manageable and I found concentration and controlled breathing allowed my body to progress towards labour without the need for further intervention. Having got to 14 mU/minute on the drip I found myself asking the midwife for support to use the toilet. While helping me to the loo she was surprised to learn I was yet to have any pain relief as some women are demanding drugs by 2mU/minute. She strongly suggested I have some pain relief as the artificial contractions caused my the drip would be much stronger than those if I was in labour naturally. I asked for paracetamol and was told that it would have no effect as I was past that stage. I then asked for gas and air and was told the same. The only way I believe I was able to get as far as I did was with the colour breathing you taught me. Despite the midwife believing that it was too late for gas and air I insisted that it would be enough in conjunction with the hypnosis techniques I was employing.
I am really proud of how far I was able to get with my hypnobirthing skills and gas and air. As I wasn’t progressing and my blood pressure continued to rise to critical levels the medical intervention had to increase and I was left with no choice but to have an epidural and Caesarean. Despite these being hand in hand with my biggest worries for labour I was able to ask the right questions and remain in control of the experience. As a result of the challenging birth I had to stay in hospital for 4 days, and again I took this in my stride.
With only the hypnobirthing skills in my arsenal I genuinely believe they were solely accountable for me feeling as though my labour, delivery and recovery were positive ones.
I now have a happy and healthy baby girl, who by the way did not suffer any stress during her birth, again I believe that my calmness as a result of the self-hypnosis was the only reason she remained so stable. This isn’t the fairytale labour story that everyone hopes for but your training and support were priceless. I recommend you to anyone that will listen, thank you so much for your help. - Claire H

Unplanned Caesarean - baby Dafni Bernadette

I believe without Claire’s hypnobirthing class, and the practicing we did afterwards that it would have been more traumatic, but I still feel like it was an amazing experience. For the most part, I felt in control and like I could be confident to question things that were going on and push my wishes forward.
Caesarean Birth
I planned to give birth at the midwife-led unit at the Friarage hospital in Northallerton. I decided on this hospital because it has a birthing pool (I REALLY wanted a water birth!) and I had heard such great reviews about how relaxed the atmosphere here was. I had decided that I wanted gas and air for pain relief and would consider meptid injection if the pain became unbearable. I in no way shape or form wanted an epidural (which is good because the Friarage does not offer it anyway.)
​Plan b! Initially baby didn’t want to come on the due date and I refused induction at 41 weeks, believing that my baby would come when it was good and ready. Baby still didn’t arrive by 42 weeks. I contacted Claire as I was so scared of induction. ​Claire was super supportive and sent me some positive birth stories from other Mums who had used hypnobirthing for induced labour and was great about me contacting her for advice. She really took time to chat with me over Facebook. I decided to go for the induction - after all, at least this meant I could regain some control. However, it did mean that I couldn’t go to the Friarage and had to go to the main delivery suite at James Cook (complete opposite of what I wanted) and it also meant I couldn’t have a water birth. I rewrote my birth plan to include what I wanted to happen in the case of induction but also left my original plan in my notes so the midwives could see that too.


The birth

On the 7th March, My partner (Gav) and I went for lunch together and spent the afternoon at the local park to spend some quality time together and get my oxytocin levels up before attending the hospital ready for my induction. They told me that I would have to go to the induction suite rather than the ward as the ward was full. At 6pm I attended the induction suite and they gave me a pessary- I remembered some of the hypnobirthing advice from my book and the class- being relaxed and happy, making lots of oxytocin is what would help things along.
I have no idea what time it was- I made a conscious decision not to look at the time, aware that my hypnobirthing book had mentioned trying not to focus on numbers such as the time. One thing I didn’t like about the delivery room was how medical it felt- but the lights were low and my partner, Gav set up my Bluetooth speaker with relaxing light and set off my hypnobirthing soundtrack playing, which really helped.
The gas and air took the edge off the pain but the main benefit I had from it was that it helped me concentrate on my breathing! I remembered what we had been taught about labour and how being active during it would help things along- so the entire time I either stood leaning over the bed wiggling my hips or knelt on the bed. I would only lie down when I had to for examinations.
I soon started to get some pains and the midwife had obviously read my original birthing plan. I had a bath with lavender oil, I was soooo relaxed and stayed in there of over an hour . When I was examined, the midwife told me that I was dilating and they would now break my waters before taking me into a delivery room. It took a few goes for them to break my waters but the whole time I used the breathing techniques I had learned and took my mind to my special place on the beach and it was over before I knew it and I was on my way to the room. As soon as I got in there, the midwife had ran me another bath and I spent some more time relaxing, Gav was talking me through my contractions as they were getting stronger and he was helping me to count down. I knew that when I got to 15, it was halfway through the contraction and the pain would go soon.
After my bath I was examined and I had progressed to around 4cm dilation. At some point, my first midwife’s shift ended and I had another come in- and she brought a student midwife with her. I had specifically said in my birth plan I didn’t want a student as I wanted as little disturbance during labour as possible. BUT- anyone out there who is worried about having a student present- I would say you should seriously consider the positives- I ended up having a great relationship with the student through my labour, she did amazingly well and clearly took my birthing plan and wishes seriously. She often talked me through hypnobirthing techniques and reminded me of positive affirmations when I felt I couldn’t go on. There was also times that the midwife and student were talking amongst themselves which meant that Gav and I could concentrate on each other and not what was going on in the room. It turned out I was the student’s first labouring lady!!
I am so grateful to the two midwives- despite everything, they tried to make everything as close to my plan as possible. They massaged my back and feet with essential oils and encouraged me throughout. Gav encouraged me, breathed with me, held me and looked after me. Hypnobirthing gave him purpose and I didn’t feel annoyed with him once.
Things seemed to move on quite quickly and I got to 8cm before I knew it and the midwives were placing a pillow on the floor between my legs in case baby decided to come really soon......but that’s as far as I got. I had to have an emergency C section, baby was back to back, tired and not moving on despite them hooking me up to fluids and then the hormone drip which they attached me to at around 6pm- around 24 hours after the initial admission to induction suite. When they had put me on the hormone drip, I agreed to have an epidural.
After discussion with the midwives and the anaesthetist, I decided it was for the best. I was exhausted. I just kept some of this positive affirmations in my mind- it wouldn’t be long now until I could meet my baby!!
I was admitted to be induced at 18:00 on 7th March 2018- more than 24 hours later (including over 15 hours of labour) my baby was born via Caesarian section on 8th March at 19:31. A beautiful baby girl. Dafni Bernadette, 8lb 11 oz
As soon as I saw her, I knew that it didn’t matter that my plans hadn’t worked but all that mattered was that she was safe and healthy. Genuinely- I can barely remember parts of the labour and had to ask Gav about parts of it while writing this, plus it really doesn’t feel like it was such a long time.

Katie & baby Max - Induction, first baby

Been catching up with Katie today, chatting about how things have been since Katie and Neal attended my Hypnotherapy for birth courses in 2015/16. Baby Max is now 3, and Katie tells me she still uses the techniques from the course, in various life situations. We were also talking about the benefits of a face to face course, Katie still keeps in touch with the other parents she met. You can read Katie's story here -

Claire & her classes were exactly what I needed! I attended a number of relaxation sessions late in my pregnancy - I wish I'd found them earlier! We then attended the 2-day workshop a couple of weeks before the birth - it was jam-packed full of different techniques, the pace was great & we have all stayed in touch since!

My birth was not in-line with my birth plan (whose is?!) but I immediately said I would do it all again straight away.


Following induction, I had a 2-day wait for Max to be born. Active Labour & delivery was just under 5 hours in total & I had 2 paracetamol only - after delivery & only at the Drs recommendation!

The biggest benefit for me in using the techniques, was helping to cope with the seemingly unending wait in the Induction Suite, as well as during a couple of weeks of post-birth complications. The Midwives were very receptive to me using Hypnobirthing techniques & were very supportive throughout.


I have used many of the techniques at various times (not always baby or parenting related!) & continue to recommend the course at any opportunity! I definitely believe the relaxation techniques have allowed me to have a relatively relaxed start to motherhood & a lot of people say my calm approach is the reason why Max is so chilled out! -



Baby Ada Jayne, born at James Cook hospital during covid19. Induction, first time Mum.

I was always terrified of giving birth - smear tests and internal exams had always been so uncomfortable it had given me a real fear. So, when we found out we were expecting I knew I had a big hill to climb! A few people had mentioned hypnobirthing to me but I really didn’t know anything about it. I did some research and read a few books and soon realised it wasn’t just this ‘weird’ or ‘hippie’ thing, it actually made perfect logical sense.

I started having sessions with Claire on zoom at around 30 weeks. Myself and my husband took part and Claire really took the time to get to know us to tailor the sessions to what we needed. This was amazing and something we felt we wouldn’t have got from anyone else. I felt confident, prepared and armed with lots of tracks and resources when it came to giving birth. 


When it came to it, my birth couldn’t have been further from what I’d wanted. Originally planning a home birth, a few complications during the pregnancy meant I ended up being a high dependency mum and getting booked in for an induction at 41+1. My colour breathing and other calming techniques helped me deal with the stress of things not going as I’d planned and I continued to use these techniques in the first 24 hours as the hormone I was given began to kick in and start my labour. The tracks were also invaluable to keep my mind focussed during what felt like a really long night of contractions. 


The next morning, because I was contracting well, my waters were broken and I was moved to a delivery room. At this point I was going into my own zone and breathing through the contractions using a birthing ball. I was imagining myself walking up a mountain and then reaching the top as it became intense and then walking down the other side. This visualisation really helped me in the early stages.


Once my husband was allowed into hospital, we sat close and encouraged the oxytocin to start flowing. This sped up my contractions and soon I was 6cm. I was active and moving around the entire time (something I’d certainly recommend). Unfortunately, Due to the earlier complications in the pregnancy, baby’s heart needed to be monitored constantly and my activity was preventing the monitor picking up. At this point I had to come to the bed and lie down; I needed pain relief because I couldn’t use my techniques effectively in that position. The midwife gave me some meptid and that did settle it down. After that I used gas and air only until I have birth. Soon I was ready to push and excitedly wondered how long I would have to wait to meet my daughter.


What followed was difficult but I really feel I could not have achieved it without my hypnobirthing training. I was pushing for just over four hours and baby was stuck in the birth canal. The doctors suggested intervention in the end as they were worried about baby’s heart rate. She was born at 21:29 via forceps and episiotomy. I was absolutely terrified but the doctors, midwives and my husband were all aware I was hypnobirthing and constantly reminded me of my techniques such as colour breathing, the comfort dial and visualisation. Although the ending was uncomfortable, in two pushes I met my daughter and the relief was overwhelming.


I could not recommend hypnobirthing with Claire enough! She went the extra mile and was even providing support throughout my labour via WhatsApp. Hypnobirthing is something every woman should be doing before giving birth - it really does make a huge difference. Despite my birth not going to plan, I felt fully in control, respected and strong throughout the experience. If I hadn’t had to be monitored, I know I could’ve gotten much further without pain relief. Good luck to all the expectant mums out there - you can do it!'


With thanks to Katy, Tom and baby Ava Jayne 💜


New arrival! 👶

Baby Jaxon arrived on September 4th 2019. 🎉

His parents Jo and Richard attended my July course and it was lovely to catch up today and hear all about their new arrival. 💜

Joanne tells us all about how the birth went, thanks for sharing.🙂


I just wanted to share with you my birth story and thank you for the invaluable hypnotherapy course me and my husband did with you. After 12 hours of active labour and 39 hours from the start of the contractions I was able to stay calm, relaxed and focused and gave birth to our gorgeous baby boy Jaxon in a birthing pool without the need of any pain relief.
After the birth he had trouble breathing and needed intervention which resulted in little skin on skin and a rush to get baby oxygen. Even though this was not expected, I remained calm and positive and baby Jaxon was fine. I listened to the mp3 throughout the full labour on repeat and without the positive affirmations and guided meditation I think it would have resulted in a very different birth. My poor husband and midwife knew the tracks off by heart by the end of the labour 😂 it also meant that my husband knew exactly what to do and remained my rock throughout. Baby Jaxon is also a really calm and happy baby and I believe this is because hypnobirthing kept me calm and relaxed throughout my pregnancy. I couldn't recommend your course and hypnobirthing enough. Thank you for giving me the tools to have a positive birth story ❤️ xxx


Baby Cecelia Home Water Birth

Our little water baby was born 29th July at 3.01pm in the birth pool at home surrounded by fairy lights, beautiful music and her Mummy and Daddy. Cecelia was born into absolute calm and she didn't make a sound when she arrived because she was so chilled!

Early Labour - Excitement Phase

Waters started to leak at 5.39am. Started timing contractions from 5.45am.

Contractions began at the same time and once I got up and walked to get some cereal, I sat back in bed and my waters leaked out more fully onto a towel.


Phoned the pregnancy assessment unit at 6.47am and had a lovely chat with the lady on the phone.


We cleaned the house and tried to have a wash etc before midwife arrived. Midwife came over at 8.30am to check me and perform antenatal checks. Contractions were 10-12 mins apart and lasting up to a minute so we thought we had a long way to go. I planned to go for a walk with the dog and do some yoga to relax before the midwives would return at 10am. I walked out into the hallway and had a VERY intense contraction hanging onto the banister and decided to go straight upstairs to prepare my birthing room and myself.


Before the midwife came, Anthony cleaned the kitchen and I told him I think we should put the pool up. We panicked because we realised we had no liner for the birth pool which we realised was actually okay as it hadn't been used before.

I sat downstairs on my birth ball while Angela was here and she did her checks. Anthony put the pool up and went to fill it before realising the boiler had broken down and had lost pressure! I went into full hypnobirthing mode and trusted that he would fix the problem and have the pool sorted in no time. I sat upstairs and worked through contractions on my birth ball until the midwives arrived at 10am and started setting up and checking in with me.

My contractions slowed down when Anthony left the house to go get supplies (coffee machine and pasties!) And quickly restarted when he came home and the midwives left me to my devices. I felt a bit watched when they were sat in my room so they offered to leave and go downstairs so I could progress.


Active Labour - Serious Phase

Then Anthony came upstairs and it was like the catalyst! My contractions became so strong that I was vocalising them and humming to get through. We swayed stood up and tried to change positions frequently before I decided I really needed to be in the pool for pain relief. The midwives wanted me to wait as long as possible before getting in the water, but once I got in it was like my body knew what to do and I went into the active stage of labour.


We had my woodwick candle burning, clary sage in the essential oil diffuser and I was using a piece of cut up towel doused in clary sage as my "gas mask" pain relief. I had my natal hypnotherapy playing in the background as well as some soothing music throughout. Everything starts to get hazy from here. I went into what felt like a trance even closing my eyes for what seemed like hours at a time. Every time I felt a contraction I tried my hardest to hum through the pressure and hang onto whatever was at hand which sometimes was a person, sometimes was the pool. The midwives found it hard to keep track of Ceces heartbeat which was very distracting and stressful for me to handle as they kept trying to move me to put the heart monitor on my tummy. I didn't want to move backwards because I felt good being on my knees. I stayed on my knees from 12pm til 3pm when she was born. I had one contraction where Anthony got in the pool and sat behind me which was lovely and comforting but I felt more pain in my back when laying on my back so opted to hang over the pool edge again which unfortunately upset the balance of the entire thing and meant the water was higher on one side meaning I had my face on the water surface during some of my contractions.


Transition - Self-Doubt

Eventually my contractions got closer together and so intense. My body started to convulse and push by itself which was powerful but scary at the same time. Each time my body pushed, I felt the need to roar or growl to help my body push down. I was using too much energy to growl though and instead decided to put all of my energy into pushing down with my body.


I have no idea at what point it happened, but the pain made me feel sick and tired and I felt like I had nothing left to give. I couldn't see Anthony anywhere but the midwife that I liked the most was leaning on the edge of the pool and holding my hand telling me I was amazing and that I was doing incredible. I said "I CANT DO IT! I CANT!" and Anthony said "remember the transition stage". I remember thinking, I can't be in transition it's too soon!


The Birth

I could feel her head starting to crown and the ring of fire came into mind from what I had read before giving birth. The burning sensation was so intense, it was difficult to push past the feeling and keep pushing more. I felt her head coming down and sliding back up again a few times. It was immense pressure and I remember hearing Maggie Howell describe contractions as "pressure, power, warmth" which helped me redirect my pain perception. I heard her in the background on the track say "let your body go limp" and I tried to let my body take over from here. When I had initial convulsions and pushing I felt my waters jet out of me along with some poo!


Eventually after letting my body take over, a few contractions later and out she flew into the water where I lifted her up and stared into her gorgeous eyes. She didn't make a sound! We all waited for what seemed like eternity for her to take her first gasp and out it came with a little cough! I sang "Cecelia" to her and stared into her gorgeous eyes. We waited for the cord to stop pulsating and Anthony cut it. We then tried to latch her on to encourage the placenta to detach but I ended up just squatting and letting it come naturally.


It was a wonderful experience and I'm so grateful for the way it all went! The midwives were brilliant and I couldn't have asked for a better birth partner. I hope that my video and story will help inspire another woman to have a home birth the same way other videos have done for me.


Laura, Anthony and baby Cecelia


Arthur Edward arrived on his due date (6.10.18) at 10:54 weighing 8lb 10oz

Stefan and I wanted to share the wonderful news.... Arthur Edward arrived on his due date (6.10.18) at 10:54 weighing 8.10!


I just wanted to personally thank you for the input you had in the labour.

Thanks to the material provided and your insightful one day course I laboured to 8 cm relaxed, using the breathing techniques learnt and enjoying the privacy, space and familiarity of my own home. In fact I was so focused at home that by the time we did arrive at the hospital, which was at 10:20 - Arthur was ready and born at 10:54!


Like a woman on a mission, I entered the labour room, climbed onto all fours, three pushes and he was here!

We are both doing well, if not still in a little shock as to how it all happened!

Please feel free to share.


Many Thanks,


Charley & Stefan Palfrey xx


Sarah & baby Libby -VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean)

I used Natal Hypnotherapy for the birth of my daughter. I had on/off contractions for about 2 and a half weeks before the birth and I used everything I had learnt with Claire which helped me to cope.

When my waters went at 4pm on New Year's Eve, on the rug in the living room (not where I wanted to give birth) everything went so fast and pains were very intense every 2 mins, my body was pushing for me without me trying or wanting to. I was afraid I was going to give birth right there and then and for a while I lost my control.

When we got to the hospital at 4.30pm and was examined, they found I was already 6cms dilated. While waiting for the pool to fill as I'd requested a water birth following my previous emergency C-Section, I really struggled with the pains but tried to get my focus back.

Once I got in the pool, an hour and a half after I arrived I managed to calm myself down and start using everything I'd learnt in my session with Claire.

I visualised my "safe" place and remembered everything that Maggie said.

I used my breathing techniques with each contraction and when it came to the time for me to be actively pushing.

For me the best part of what we learnt with Claire was that it gave my partner confidence that I could do this and we'd both be OK. My partner was amazing throughout and encouraged me to keep going and reminding me that I could do it.

It gave me more power to believe I was able to have the VBAC birth I wanted. And I did it! I managed a VBAC waterbirth with gas and air and did it in 5 hours 50 mins.

It was the proudest moment of my life! I'd done it, against the advice and policy of the hospital.

Libby was born swimming into my arms at 9.22pm Thank you Claire for everything you taught us x


Laura & baby Joshua George

Welcome to the world baby Joshua George, born 03/03/17 weighing 8lb 6oz.

I have been catching up with baby Joshua and his Mum Laura, to find out how hypnobirthing helped them.

Why Laura decided to try hypnobirthing

After having a bad experience in labour with my first child I needed something to keep me calm. My friend had done hypnobirthing before and told me to try it - I was very sceptical!


Claire's hypnobirthing classes

I loved the classes they were so calm and relaxed. I attended the 4 week course and also the relaxation hour classes for 4 weeks before my due date - lots of information was given and I learnt different breathing techniques and how to keep calm.


The birth

I delivered Joshua just using gas and air and staying at home until I was 5cm, coping by listening to the MP3, using breathing techniques and visualisations.

With my partner attending one of the classes, he kept me calm by breathing with me and holding me.

After giving birth I got took off to theatre for a spinal as I had a 3rd degree tear. I initially panicked as I had been took to theatre with my first child, after panicking I managed to keep calm and thought of various affirmations whilst in theatre to get me through it.


I was in established labour for only 2 hours and 12 mins .

Thank you Claire for all your knowledgeable classes. I believe that without you I wouldn't of had a good labour, which I enjoyed this time around and was so proud of myself just using gas and air after having an epidural with my first.

I would recommend hypnobirthing to anyone it's great 😁

Laura and Joshua George


Laura & baby Freddie

Lovely to hear from Laura & baby Freddie! Laura and her partner Stuart gained so much from the birth preparation courses. Laura's story also highlights how hypnobirthing can assist in the reduction of anti & post natal anxiety - something I have experienced myself in my first two pregnancies. Hypnobirthing - far more benefits than you imagine! Here is Laura's story, in her own words.

Why I used Hypnobirthing

Claire had been recommended to me by a few mums and professionals, to help me stay calm and relaxed throughout my pregnancy and during my labour. I'm quite an anxious person, and thought anything that may help this was worth giving a go!


Claire's classes

Myself and my husband (Stuart) attended the two day course, and I went to the weekly evening relaxation classes. Although this was my second pregnancy, the two day course was so helpful for both me and Stuart! It gave us the opportunity to discuss and find out what our expectations were, from each other and the birth in general. We found what worked best for us, in terms of relaxation techniques and exercises Stuart could assist me with or initiate during labour. It also give him the confidence to recognise when to assist and when not too!


Freddie's birth

The two day course gave me a greater understanding as to what was happening to me and when/why. This helped me massively because I could relate my situation and what I could feel, to what I had learnt. Personally, having a greater understanding of what is coming eases my anxieties, and allowed me to stay focused and calm. I truly believe that a combination of the course and classes allowed me to remain calm and relaxed throughout my third trimester and during my birth. I had an amazing planned home birth with no medical interventions or pain relief.


I knew the hypnobirthing was working when my midwife arrived and started asking for an update of my situation and what had happened so far. It wasn't long before my labour became quite intense and I realised it was because I had stopped focusing on the techniques I had learned. Although this was the case, I quickly managed to regain control and it just demonstrated how effective it was.

After the birth

Aside from having my perfect birth experience, the following months have been the least anxious I have been in a very long time. Having severe pre and postnatal anxiety with my first born, it really scared me the thought of having to go through that again. But with the knowledge I have gained in the classes with Claire, I've been able to transfer it into my everyday life, using the relaxation CDs and strategies that work for me!


Thank you for your amazing classes!!! X


Laura, Stuart & baby Freddie


Jo & baby Oliver James - relaxed birth and sceptical partner changes his mind.

I decided to use hypnobirthing after touching on it with my first son Jacob, learning how to control my breathing through contractions helped me deal with the pain.. So with Oliver, I looked out for hypnobirthing and found Claire on Facebook.

Claire's classes

I attended Claire's 4 week sessions and learnt so much about birthing naturally and trusting your body. I found the classes so relaxing and interesting and become excited for my birth.

Oliver Jame's birth

I stayed at home mainly in the bath until I was 4cm dilated. I wanted a waterbirth from day one, no pain relief, relaxed, dim lighting with Maggie playing in the background. That's exactly what I had! It was the most amazing birth. The midwife told me afterwards that I inspired her to have children because I made it look easy! My birth took 6 hours. My partner come along to one of the sessions and was sceptical and thought it was a load of rubbish! His opinion has completely changed, he seen me give birth so peacefully and thinks hypnobirthing is fantastic! Xx After the birth After giving birth to Oliver I stayed completely relaxed and took everything in my stride. After I gave birth, I had a shower, had some rest and was home with my eldest son Jacob within 6 hours. It was a godsend honestly. Thank you so much xxx

Jo & Oliver James Jordan 6lb 13oz 09.01.17


Rachel & baby Ruby, 2nd baby, 9lb 6oz.


I decided to use hypnobirthing because my first baby was huge at 9lb 9oz, I was anxious and wanted to be calm about the possibility of another big baby. I am also a fan of natural help rather than medical interference.

Claire's classes

I absolutely loved going to the classes. I attended weekly group classes which were brilliant. A chance to chat to other mums to be and I found them very informal and hugely relaxing.


Ruby's birth

The birth of my baby was an absolute incredible experience. Very calm and controlled through breathing listening to a bit of maggie Howell and my favourite ed Sheehan playlist. I arrived at the hospital 7cm dilated after giving out Mother's Day gifts to my Mam!! (Who was at my house already) I was calmly able to even choose my delivery room and I explained to my understanding midwife how important a hypno birth was to me. She listened to every word and helped me achieve this with very little interference.


I went into labour at 5am and Ruby was born at 1:16pm a perfectly huge 9lb 6oz baby girl, on Mother's Day!! I used only gas and air and deep meditation through hypnotherapy.


After the birth

Postnatal I continued to use the hypnotherapy in my after care (a few stitches) then again when my body was contracting down to size whilst feeding. Ruby is now coming up 2 and I still can use the relaxation techniques.


Thank you so much Claire

love Rachel and Ruby xx


Vicky & baby Harriet - 2nd baby, relaxed birth within 20 mins of arriving at hospital!

I decided to use hypnobirthing for my second child as I had a long labour with my first. I was in hospital for over 15hours and I felt I had no control of what was going on.


Claire's classes

The classes were excellent and very relaxing. They helped me understand the different stages of labour and how to use different coping techniques. I met some lovely people who all had similar anxieties.


Harriet's birth

Using hypnobirthing made a massive difference to my labour. I was shopping at Teeside park and having tea out with my friends thinking the contractions were just braxton hicks. When they started coming every 5 minutes I realised it must be the real thing!


I was able to stay at home without any pain relief using the breathing techniques, distractions and affirmations. I had my little girl within 20 minutes of arriving at the hospital with no complications. I used the breathing techniques when releasing the placenta and I didn't feel a thing.


After the birth

I now use the relaxation techniques on a weekly basis to help me sleep.


Vicky x


Danielle & baby Alfie

Birth with first son wasn't what we expected and what started off as a low dependency relaxed labour turned into quite a traumatic experience.


Claire's classes

The classes were really relaxed and in depth of different scenarios that may or may not occur in birth and the honesty and stories of other people's experiences were good.


Alfie's birth

The results with the birth of my second son after using hypnotherapy were great. It definitely helped with breathing through my contractions and focusing on positivity. I had a really good birth.


After the birth

I was out the same day with my second son and up on my feet as normal. Where as with my first son I was laid up for a few weeks and didn't get out and about until he was 6-8 weeks.


Danielle x

Suzanne's birth story 10lb!! No intervention, no pain relief.

I thought I'd share my birthing experience as I had a very good birth and wonderful delivery. I thought my waters had broken Friday morning at 7.30am, however as this was my second baby I knew I had 24 hours to see if anything would develop into full labour.


I started listening to Maggie Howell and using my birthing ball. However I wasn't having much pain and decided at 3.30pm I would go and get checked. I was sent home, my waters had not broken. However I started having contractions and by 10.30pm thought I had better get assessed again. I took 2 paracetamols and had my tens machine on. I was 4/5cm dilated and taken to the Marton Suite. Listening to Maggie, sat on a birthing ball , walking and moving around the room I was so calm and relaxed taking to the midwife and student midwife.


The midwife couldn't believe how calm I was, happy and in control!! She was telling me how amazing I was doing and how well I looked. At 3.30am she examined me and my front waters popped and I was ready to push!


My baby girl was born at 4.12am, weighing a healthy 10lb!! No intervention, no pain relief.


Claire, I would like to thank you for been part of your relaxation classes, I came to 5 classes and they really helped my stay focused and in control. I did use the techniques with my first baby 20 months ago but I needed a refresher course.

I would totally 100% recommend your classes , you have such a calming influence and this really helps anyone who is feeling nervous or anxious about giving birth.


If I was 10 years younger I think I would have baby number 3.


Thank you


Suzanne x

Marina's birth story - calm forceps delivery

Just to let you know had my baby this morning. Waters broke yesterday at 7.30 went to hospital got checked and was then sent home.


Focused all day at home retuned to hospital at 2am this morning to be told I was 9cm dilated. Midwife could not believe how well I was doing as I was so calm. I got booked in and taken to Marton suite, midwives could not believe how calm, quiet and focused I was.


I had agreed for a student midwife to be present as they thought it would be good for her to see someone using this birthing technique and I didn't mind. This lovely girl said she had never seen anyone so calm and focused.


I started with a water birth but this has to be stopped as baby wasn't coming fast enough. I Had to be moved onto high dependency. All I had taken at this point was paracetamol, gas and air and used a tens machine at home not even at the half way level.


Unfortunately baby wasn't coming so I was told I would have to have forceps or a potential caesarean. This did upset me but I was able to remain calm throughout. I had the baby by Forceps.


I did five of your classes, read Maggie's book I think three times and listened to her downloads Nearly everyday from week 32 I think.


Just thought I'd let you know how useful this skill was for me to learn.



Claire - unexpected home birth!

Hi Claire,
I just wanted to share my Birth Story with you.
My contractions started at 4:30pm on 13/04, I went to the delivery suite at 11:30pm with contractions 3 minutes apart, I was 3cm and my contractions had slowed so I was sent home.
I went to bed and slept only waking 4 or 5 times to deal with a contraction and then fell straight back to sleep. We woke at 8am and got dressed I was now having regular contractions and starting to feel I needed help.
We called the delivery suite at 8:46am who said to come back in, I walked downstairs had a contraction and told my Husband I couldn't make the journey to the hospital.
We called an ambulance at 9:00am and my Husband delivered our Son at 9:08am a couple of minutes later the paramedics walked in.
Throughout the labour I had 2 paracetamols and listened to my tracks it was as close to the perfect birth as possible

Claire Reed

Emma, Sebastian & baby Santiago

Hi Claire,

Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed a little boy into the world on the 17th Jan at 2.02pm weighing 7lb14oz.


I woke at 4am that morning thinking i had trapped wind. We got to hospital at 7am, still not knowing if i was in labour or not. I was then examined and was 6-7cm!


By 8:30am contractions were coming with only a 10 second break due to him being back to back. The midwife broke my waters at 12:00 and he was born at 2:02pm.


I only had gas and air and didn't ask for drugs once Sebastian says he was amazed by how calm i was. He was wonderful at keeping me calm and slowing down my breathing, I'm certain your day with us was invaluable in helping us through this amazing experience so thank you.


The baby is unbelievably calm and happy and i think this is because i was able to keep so calm during pregnancy and labour.


I will definitely be recommending Natal Hypnotherapy.


We have named the baby Santiago Federico Nicolas Funes.


Thanks again Claire.


Michelle & baby Gabriel Isaac - forceps delivery

I knew I needed to try Natal Hypnotherapy once I found out I was pregnant as I hate needles / medical situations and don't consider myself to have a high pain threshold at all. I knew I would panic and freak out in labour if I didn't take steps to overcome my fears. Through practicing Natal Hypnotherapy (x2 birth preparation workshops, reading the Effective Birth Preparation book and listening to Maggie Howell's CD's - which always sent me to sleep!) and also attending Claire's weekly relaxation classes from 11 weeks to full term, I hoped I could change my mind-set and not fear giving birth.


Leading up to the birth I did wonder if all of my preparation would actually work. I hoped it would but part of me thought that I still wouldn't be able to cope when it came down to it. But I was wrong. I was so surprised at how well I handled it all and I can safely say that I did enjoy the experience.


At my first contraction just before midnight I got excited and focused on the feelings which were like a wave. After 2 hours I needed to put my TENS machine on. Over a few hours my contractions were coming every 4 minutes but it still felt too easy to go to hospital. I sat on my birthing ball for a while and when I stood up from it at 7am I heard a 'pop' and my waters broke all over the floor! We made our way to hospital and found I was 4cm dilated. I then also used gas and air (which my husband held for me the whole time as well as offering me drinks and not asking me questions!) and meptid as other forms of pain relief which helped take the edge off for me.


I can honestly say that my contractions were not excruciating at all though and I didn't see it as 'pain' but very strong sensations like a cramp. I was in upright positions throughout my labour and was fully dilated at 5.20pm.


Unfortunately when it came to pushing my contractions slowed down and we found that the baby was in an awkward position. I was advised that I would need to be put on a drip to bring contractions back on so the baby could try and turn itself. I was really disappointed to hear this but remained calm and accepted it and moved to high dependency for the drip, at which point I also had an epidural as I had reached my pain threshold and was extremely tired since not having any sleep.


It wasn't in my birth plan but the epidural was the right decision in the end because after a few hours there was still no change to the situation and the baby's heartbeat was dipping. It was decided it needed to be a forceps delivery.


It was very scary being wheeled into theatre and still being at risk of needing a section if it didn't work but I just kept calm and breathed deeply and kept my eyes closed (as I had throughout all of my labour) and tried to focus on the end result.

At 12.22am (over 24 hours from my first contraction) our baby boy Gabriel Isaac Lavender was born weighing a healthy 8lbs 14oz.


Thank you Claire and Natal Hypnotherapy for helping me to have such a positive birth experience that I am proud to look back on :-) - Michelle  Michael