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Home Birth Stories

Some lovely birth stories here - babies born at home, with thanks to the clients who have shared their stories

Home birth

Laura, Anthony & Baby Cece

Our little water baby was born 29th July at 3.01pm in the birth pool at home surrounded by fairy lights, beautiful music and her Mummy and Daddy. Cecelia was born into absolute calm and she didn't make a sound when she arrived because she was so chilled!

Early Labour - Excitement Phase

Waters started to leak at 5.39 am. Started timing contractions from 5.45 am.

Contractions began at the same time and once I got up and walked to get some cereal, I sat back in bed and my waters leaked out more fully onto a towel.


Phoned the pregnancy assessment unit at 6.47 am and had a lovely chat with the lady on the phone.


We cleaned the house and tried to have a wash etc before the midwife arrived. Midwife came over at 8.30 am to check me and perform antenatal checks. Contractions were 10-12 mins apart and lasting up to a minute so we thought we had a long way to go. I planned to go for a walk with the dog and do some yoga to relax before the midwives would return at 10 am. I walked out into the hallway and had a VERY intense contraction hanging onto the bannister and decided to go straight upstairs to prepare my birthing room and myself.


Before the midwife came, Anthony cleaned the kitchen and I told him I think we should put the pool up. We panicked because we realised we had no liner for the birth pool which we realised was actually okay as it hadn't been used before.

I sat downstairs on my birth ball while Angela was here and she did her checks. Anthony put the pool up and went to fill it before realising the boiler had broken down and had lost pressure! I went into full hypnobirthing mode and trusted that he would fix the problem and have the pool sorted in no time. I sat upstairs and worked through contractions on my birth ball until the midwives arrived at 10 am and started setting up and checking in with me.

My contractions slowed down when Anthony left the house to go get supplies (coffee machine and pasties!) And quickly restarted when he came home and the midwives left me to my devices. I felt a bit watched when they were sat in my room so they offered to leave and go downstairs so I could progress.

Active Labour - Serious Phase

Then Anthony came upstairs and it was like the catalyst! My contractions became so strong that I was vocalising them and humming to get through. We swayed stood up and tried to change positions frequently before I decided I really needed to be in the pool for pain relief. The midwives wanted me to wait as long as possible before getting in the water, but once I got in it was like my body knew what to do and I went into the active stage of labour.


We had my woodwick candle burning, clary sage in the essential oil diffuser and I was using a piece of cut up towel doused in clary sage as my "gas mask" pain relief. I had my natal hypnotherapy playing in the background as well as some soothing music throughout. Everything starts to get hazy from here. I went into what felt like a trance even closing my eyes for what seemed like hours at a time. Every time I felt a contraction I tried my hardest to hum through the pressure and hang onto whatever was at hand which sometimes was a person, sometimes was the pool. The midwives found it hard to keep track of Cece's heartbeat which was very distracting and stressful for me to handle as they kept trying to move me to put the heart monitor on my tummy. I didn't want to move backwards because I felt good being on my knees. I stayed on my knees from 12pm til 3 pm when she was born. I had one contraction where Anthony got in the pool and sat behind me which was lovely and comforting but I felt more pain in my back when laying on my back so opted to hang over the pool edge again which unfortunately upset the balance of the entire thing and meant the water was higher on one side meaning I had my face on the water surface during some of my contractions.

Hypnobirthing Course

Laura & Anthony at the birth prep session during pregnancy

Transition - Self-Doubt

Eventually, my contractions got closer together and so intense. My body started to convulse and push by itself which was powerful but scary at the same time. Each time my body pushed, I felt the need to roar or growl to help my body push down. I was using too much energy to growl though and instead decided to put all of my energy into pushing down with my body.


I have no idea at what point it happened, but the pain made me feel sick and tired and I felt like I had nothing left to give. I couldn't see Anthony anywhere but the midwife that I liked the most was leaning on the edge of the pool and holding my hand telling me I was amazing and that I was doing incredible. I said "I CAN'T DO IT! I CAN'T!" and Anthony said, "remember the transition stage". I remember thinking, I can't be in transition it's too soon!


The Birth

I could feel her head starting to crown and the ring of fire came into mind from what I had read before giving birth. The burning sensation was so intense, it was difficult to push past the feeling and keep pushing more. I felt her head coming down and sliding back up again a few times. It was immense pressure and I remember hearing Maggie Howell describe contractions as "pressure, power, warmth" which helped me redirect my pain perception. I heard her in the background on the track say "let your body go limp" and I tried to let my body take over from here. When I had initial convulsions and pushing I felt my waters jet out of me along with some poo!


Eventually after letting my body take over, a few contractions later and out she flew into the water where I lifted her up and stared into her gorgeous eyes. She didn't make a sound! We all waited for what seemed like an eternity for her to take her first gasp and out it came with a little cough! I sang "Cecelia" to her and stared into her gorgeous eyes. We waited for the cord to stop pulsating and Anthony cut it. We then tried to latch her on to encourage the placenta to detach but I ended up just squatting and letting it come naturally.


It was a wonderful experience and I'm so grateful for the way it all went! The midwives were brilliant and I couldn't have asked for a better birth partner. I hope that my video and story will help inspire another woman to have a home birth the same way other videos have done for me.


Laura, Anthony and baby Cecelia

Laura, Stuart & baby Freddie

Claire had been recommended to me by a few mums and professionals, to help me stay calm and relaxed throughout my pregnancy and during my labour. I'm quite an anxious person, and thought anything that may help this was worth giving a go!

Hypnobirthing home birth

Myself and my husband (Stuart) attended the two day course, and I went to the weekly evening relaxation classes.


Although this was my second pregnancy, the two day course was so helpful for both me and Stuart! It gave us the opportunity to discuss and find out what our expectations were, from each other and the birth in general.


We found what worked best for us, in terms of relaxation techniques and exercises Stuart could assist me with or initiate during labour. It also give him the confidence to recognise when to assist and when not too!


Freddie's birth

The two day course gave me a greater understanding as to what was happening to me and when/why. This helped me massively because I could relate my situation and what I could feel, to what I had learnt. Personally, having a greater understanding of what is coming eases my anxieties, and allowed me to stay focused and calm. I truly believe that a combination of the course and classes allowed me to remain calm and relaxed throughout my third trimester and during my birth. I had an amazing planned home birth with no medical interventions or pain relief.


I knew the hypnobirthing was working when my midwife arrived and started asking for an update of my situation and what had happened so far. It wasn't long before my labour became quite intense and I realised it was because I had stopped focusing on the techniques I had learned. Although this was the case, I quickly managed to regain control and it just demonstrated how effective it was.

After the birth

Aside from having my perfect birth experience, the following months have been the least anxious I have been in a very long time. Having severe pre and postnatal anxiety with my first born, it really scared me the thought of having to go through that again. But with the knowledge I have gained in the classes with Claire, I've been able to transfer it into my everyday life, using the relaxation CDs and strategies that work for me!


Thank you for your amazing classes!!! X


Laura, Stuart & baby Freddie

Client Claire - unexpected home birth


Hi Claire,


I just wanted to share my Birth Story with you.


My contractions started at 4:30pm on 13/04, I went to the delivery suite at 11:30pm with contractions 3 minutes apart, I was 3cm and my contractions had slowed so I was sent home.


I went to bed and slept only waking 4 or 5 times to deal with a contraction and then fell straight back to sleep. We woke at 8am and got dressed I was now having regular contractions and starting to feel I needed help.


We called the delivery suite at 8:46am who said to come back in, I walked downstairs had a contraction and told my Husband I couldn't make the journey to the hospital.


We called an ambulance at 9:00am and my Husband delivered our Son at 9:08am a couple of minutes later the paramedics walked in.


Throughout the labour I had 2 paracetamols and listened to my tracks it was as close to the perfect birth as possible




Claire Reed

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