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Fear of Flying - beat with BWRT

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With thanks to Zoe

Taking flying from an incredibly traumatic experience to looking forward to long flights and a wide range of destinations. Zoe tells us in her own words how she went from overwhelming fear and panic to calm - in one session of BWRT.

Before Claire, flights for me were an incredibly traumatic experience. The second the engines kicked in, so did my overwhelming fear and panic. I would cry for the whole flight, squeezing my husband’s hand until it was numb, imagining the worst, shaking, knee tapping, shouting things out - it really was the worst way to start a holiday. It was embarrassing for me and those around me but I truly felt as though that was it for me, just something I had to put up with...until I heard about Claire from a friend.

I visited Claire with much scepticism, truly believing it would not work for me. Claire was amazing! During the session, she allowed me to speak frankly and honestly about my fears and concerns without making me feel silly or ashamed. She listened to all my issues and quickly ascertained that I had a fear of losing control - something which very much mirrored my daily life!

Our holiday to Majorca

After just one session, Claire was convinced the treatment had worked for me...I remained unsure but proceeded to my family holiday 6 weeks later full of hope! I knew that my trigger was the engines starting and was fully prepared for the tears to come...but they never did. As the engines started and the plane began to move, I felt a huge sense of calm. There was no hysteria, no panic, no shouting. I looked at my husband who was equally as gobsmacked. We simply could not believe it! I looked out the window, I took my seat belt off, I went to the toilet. I enjoyed a drink because I wanted to and not because I needed to.

I spent the whole flight out talking to a man from Liverpool who was shaking and crying exactly the same as I used to. Having told him all about BWRT, he was also off back home to see if he could access the same treatment.

Looking forward to flying again! I cannot thank Claire enough for her help in managing my anxiety - I even emailed her in the taxi on the way to my hotel in Majorca as I could not wait to thank her! Whereas before my flight limit was probably around 2 and a half hours, we have now booked Tenerife for next year and are looking forward to longer flights to a wider range of destinations with our family. Anyone who is remotely scared of flying - go and see Claire! You won’t regret it! I only wish I had done it sooner!”

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