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Having a baby? Change your mindset from chaos to calm!

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Don't fancy hypnobirthing because you think it won't help?
Going straight for all the drugs?

The good news is this isn't about refusing the drugs or relying on breathing techniques to give you a perfect experience.

It is about changing your mindset.

About feeling calmer, more in control, confident.

Maybe you're already feeling pretty ok about birth: that's fine you don't have to be terrified before you turn to hypnobirthing..

I get plenty of parents in my class who are feeling absolutely smashing about birth; confident and calm already - hypnosis skills will enhance that and give them a focus. It will give the birth partners a role. Even if the partners are already feeling confident - it will give them practical skills to apply on the day to keep everything on track.

If you're thinking it won't help, that's because most people's focus is on wether it'll stop pain, make birth easy, or keep them in a trance at all times during labour.

It's really my much more than that - it's a complete antenatal education program giving you knowledge and info into birth.

It's not about being put into a trance and bingo here's the baby..

It's about giving you many different options to use on the day and beyond to navigate the hard work of labour and birth.

It's about giving you mindset skills for the whole parenting journey for years to come.

It is a way of enhancing your communication skills to negotiate your care - so you become part of the decision making process around your birth. This way you don't just feel like things are being done to you - it gives you back control and confidence.

It is a complete game changer in terms of your mindset - you'll know what you want and how to work towards it.

You'll go from feeling ok and winging it, to feeling prepared, ready and knowing you have lots of options to make it the best birth it can be for you.

You'll know that it won't go out the window if things don't go to plan - because you'll have a complete set of skills to deal with it.

It's up to you but don't let the myths and misunderstandings around hypnobirthing or the word itself put you off. It's really much more than people think it is.

The hypnosis skills aren't just for birth either - many people still use them years later for life.

We need all the help we can get right now in this crazy world and hypnobirthing will continue to give you mind-calm, relaxation, and stress management skills long after birth.

For the chance to work with me to achieve all this - you need to get in touch asap to discuss reserving a slot.

I'm looking at a very busy summer and I'm not sure I'll have any group course options available beyond May.

Currently one place remaining for Mays group also April 17th.

email hello@clairemarrontherapy.co.uk
Text/WhatsApp 07782551543
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