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Is Hypnobirthing for me?

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⚡Hypnobirthing - I'm not into all that stuff.
⚡It's not really my type of thing.
⚡I'd never be able to relax.
⚡Im just going to go with the flow.
⚡It's not realistic, I just want the drugs anyway.
⚡It probably won't work.
⚡It's not worth the money.
⚡I'll feel silly doing hypnosis in the labour ward.

I've heard all this and more, and I said them all myself back in the days before I tried it.

Back in 2011 when I was introduced to Hypnobirthing, I believed all of the above.

You may be wondering - is hypnobirthing for me?

So what's the deal with Hypnobirthing?

Don't let the title put you off - Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal education course covering practical techniques to help you through labour. It is very much NOT just a fancy way to breathe baby out, it is NOT putting yourself into a trance listening to whale music and hoping to feel no pain. It is NOT aiming for the perfect birth. It is NOT just for easy low intervention birth.

It IS a practical, realistic and down to earth course covering all aspects of labour and birth - how to keep calm, how to deal with pain (no we don't say it won't hurt), how to deal with contractions and keep yourself going through labour when you start to feel tired and like you can't do it. It is packed with practical comfort techniques. It covers mind calm skills, relaxation, and breathing. It covers effective ways to deal with fear - we don't pretend you won't be scared at times but we show you how to deal with it. It is about empowerment, informed choice and working with whatever labour and birth bring on the day. It is also suitable for all births including c section. It is also flexible - if you can't do the full course we can cover just the essentials, or even a birthing power hour to give you some easy coping techniques. We can also do a specific c section course.

🌟If you'd like to feel ready, prepared and confident about birth, it's definitely your thing.
🌟It doesn't really matter if you can't normally relax - it's not all about relaxation anyway.
🌟Going with the flow is ok, but it's much better to have some way of coping and staying calm if things get tough.
🌟My course is realistic, honest and down to earth - I tell it like it is and make sure what I teach you can be used in any situation.
🌟I don't care if you still want all the drugs - the course even covers the additional pain relief options.
🌟It's not something that either works or doesn't work - it's about gaining tools and techniques to help you no matter what birth brings.
🌟It's affordable and an investment in you - do you know many parents are still using their Hypnobirthing skills long after birth, for everyday life.
🌟Not only do lots of maternity staff know what this is and welcome it- some of them even teach classes.
🌟Nobody will have to do anything silly and nobody will even know you're "doing hypnosis" in labour unless you tell them.

Contact me by email, Facebook, WhatsApp or phone to have a chat about what you need to make this birth a better experience.

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