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Fear of Flying

If you experience stress and fear of flying then you know only too well the impact it can have on your life; ruining holidays, stopping you from going on holiday at all, or restricting you from seeing new places and experiencing new things. The fear may be around enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) or not being able to get off the plane (not being in control). Your fear may be associated with thoughts of the plane crashing, or turbulence.

Fear of flying is quite common and can affect people in many different ways. We can sort it and get you flying without fear! Take a look at real life client stories here


Phobia & Fear

So you are frightened of something and want to put this fear in it's place. You feel absolute panic or disgust at the object or thing you fear. So much so that even the mention of it can be enough to send you into a cold sweat. You dread seeing the object or being anywhere near it. This thing can be an animal, insect, an inanimate object or material - anything really and nothing will sound silly to me.

You may be consciously aware that your phobia is irrational, you may wonder why you can't just stop being scared of it, but it's your subconscious mind that holds onto the fear. We can reframe your fears and get you feeling better about it! 


I have successfully worked with many clients to free them from their phobia, quickly and effectively. For phobia resolution stories testimonials page and also client stories see here


Public Speaking Confidence

The thought of getting up in front of a crowd of people and making a speech is enough to make lots of people feel anxious. Having a fear of public speaking is common. For some people, this anxiety develops into a fear of speaking in all situations. It can vary from a fear of speaking in front of a crowd such as a speech or presentation, all the way to fear of social situations, even one to one situations. Hypnotherapy and mind calm confidence techniques can help you speak with ease. For client success stories see here


Stress & Anxiety

In today's world, it is so easy to let stress and anxiety take hold. Modern lives are busy and it's easy to forget to stop and take a break. We have become so used to stressful lives that we think it's fine until it all gets on top of us and we start to experience physical and emotional signs of stress. Maybe you are starting to feel overwhelmed, emotional, unable to cope. You can't understand why you feel this way, you think you should be able to 'just get on with things' and this only adds to the pressure! We can work together to show you new ways to master your calm and put stress in it's place.


Driving Confidence

Get ready for your driving test and beat those nerves with mind calm techniques. Whether you have a fear of driving or are just wanting to boost your test confidence, hypnotherapy can help.


Wedding Confidence

Get ready for your big day. Ditch those pre-wedding nerves and enjoy your day with confidence and calm. Hypnotherapy can help by planning ahead how you would like to feel on the day - confident, calm and at ease.

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