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Be How You'd Prefer To Be

Boost Your Confidence & Banish the Fears

Phobia & Fears - Public Speaking - Job Interview Confidence - Exam Nerves - Career Development - Stress - Anxiety -  Personal Development - Fear of Flying - Driving Test Confidence - Self Confidence - Health Anxiety -

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Sports Performance - Hypnobirthing - Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting 

Would you like to feel more confident, calm, and in control? 

Imagine taking control of fears and living the life you want to live, free from self-doubt.

Imagine taking control of stress and anxiety -
feeling more at ease. 

Maybe you have already tried various ways to deal with an issue, but it just doesn't seem to have helped much.

I offer no-nonsense, effective techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Here at Claire Marron Therapy, I have been working with clients to support them in their goals since 2013.

I am based in the North East and able to see clients all over the UK, as I work online.

I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Supervisor, Advanced BWRT (Brainworking Recursive Therapy) Practitioner, and Hypnobirthing teacher. 


Success Stories


Angela A

“I had a session of BWRT with Claire due to an awful phobia of wasps. I've recently been on holiday to Devon and I can honestly say I don't know how it works -but it works!."

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Fear of flying

Andy H

"I have just returned from a fabulous holiday with my family - made all the more special because for the first time I can remember I actually enjoyed the flight instead of having panic attacks before and during my holiday due to my fear of flying."

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Rachel L

I achieved my perfect delivery of my beautiful baby yesterday.
From the first contraction, I used all the knowledge and understanding learned through your classes. I had a 9-hour labour and gave birth to Ruby at 9lb 6 oz. I would strongly recommend these classes.
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