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Guidelines for therapy or hypnobirthing classes with Claire Marron at Claire Marron Therapy

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms & Conditions regarding your booking/enquiry with Claire Marron at Claire Marron Therapy

  • Results vary and Claire Marron cannot guarantee individual results. As with anything else, there can be no certainty that therapy will resolve your issues. It is important to know that while your therapist will work to the best of their abilities and knowledge, no therapy can ever guarantee results.

  • Any therapy requires you the client to be committed to the process and be prepared to make the effort required for change to occur. Please be aware that hypnotherapy is not a magic cure and to change your mindset you must be ready and willing to make that change. 

  • You are paying for the time, knowledge, and expertise of the therapist and no refunds will be given if you do not get the results you want.

  • Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy/BWRT/Coaching is not a replacement for medical treatment or psychological services. Claire Marron is not able to diagnose any physical or mental health condition.

  • When booking an appointment, you agree to accurately provide background information as requested by Claire Marron at Claire Marron Therapy including where necessary medical information about prescribed medication.

  • Claire Marron at Claire Marron Therapy is not medically trained and can not offer medical advice or advice about medication or conditions.

  • Claire Marron at Claire Marron Therapy may refuse or terminate therapy services if it is considered that your situation or physical/psychological condition is outside the scope of the therapies Claire Marron at Claire Marron Therapy can offer, or if Claire Marron at Claire Marron Therapy does not feel that it would be in your best interests.

  • Claire Marron at Claire Marron Therapy is unable to work with certain psychiatric conditions, and there are some conditions that may be a contraindication to some therapies, therefore Claire Marron reserves the right not to begin therapy in the event of any contraindicated conditions - this is none negotiable.

  • Your appointment will only be reserved on receipt of a deposit or the full amount. If you have to change your appointment please give at least 24 hours notice where possible.

  • Claire Marron will only work within their area of expertise and reserves the right to refuse therapeutic work with you if your issues falls outside of this category - this is in your best interests to ensure Claire is the right therapist for you.


GDPR – Privacy Notice  - Who we are and how we process your personal data


Claire Marron Therapy holds personal data on clients. Claire Marron Therapy is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Your privacy is taken seriously and all data is held securely and confidentially, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. You can request access to your records at any time. Individuals' data is not processed without their knowledge and are only processed with their explicit consent. Claire Marron Therapy is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals with respect to the processing of clients' personal data. 


Claire Marron Therapy uses your personal data for the following purposes;

To deliver the services that you the client has requested.

To contact clients as necessary in accordance with the services they have requested.

To maintain adequate client records.


Information Stored

Personal details will be kept securely stored in a locked cabinet, which nobody else has access to.

For those who enquire about therapy services, the data I hold includes any information you have sent me by email/text/message. 

Claire Marron Therapy & Claire Marron Hypnobirthing stores personal data held visually in birth stories, photographs, testimonials, and reviews, only where full written consent from the clients concerned has been obtained. You have the right to request removal at any time. Claire Marron will never ask to share your personal information outside of a review you the client has willingly shared.


Why this information is stored 

The data is necessary for me to fulfill the contract that we have together (ie to provide therapy) and it is data that you would reasonably expect me to hold and use for the duration of our work together. 


How this information is used

I will not share your personal information with anyone unless I have your consent to do so. Exceptions to this include where my own safety or that of you the client, or other members of the public is at risk, or if I am required by law to do so. In order to safeguard personal information, email and text communication will be kept to a minimum with content discussed at face-to-face sessions. 


How your information is stored

Data is stored electronically on password-protected devices in password-protected files. Paper data is stored securely in a locked filing cabinet, only accessible to Claire Marron. I keep records for 7 years after our work is complete. After that point, I will shred or securely delete all your notes and information. 


Your rights and your personal data

At any point, an individual can make a request relating to their data and Claire Marron Therapy will provide a response (within 1 month). 

The right to request that I correct any personal data if it is found to be inaccurate or out of date.

You have the right to request the deletion of your data where there is no reason for its continued use. However, Claire Marron has a duty to keep individual details for a reasonable time. 

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