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Will hypnotherapy work for me?

Updated: May 21

Wondering if hypnotherapy will work for you? Common questions I get asked are;

Is hypnosis real?
Does hypnotherapy work?
What is hypnotherapy used for?
Does hypnotherapy work for everyone?
What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

So if you are wondering will hypnotherapy work for me? Read on to find out...

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to get your fears and doubts under control. By working with the subconscious mind we can reframe the fears and build confidence.

Whether your goal is to feel calmer, manage stress, ditch an unwanted habit or feel more confident, hypnotherapy can help you.

So what is hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be thought of as an altered state of consciousness - one in which the rational, thinking brain takes a break and we go into a more daydream-like state, similar to zoning out watching tv.

It is a relaxed state in which, when our minds are more open to positive suggestions.

Hypnosis can be compared to being immersed in a good book or television programme when you are still aware of what is going on around you, but you become almost completely focused on the book or the tv show, and you pay less attention to your surroundings. Or you may be driving along a familiar road and zone out, on autopilot and not recall parts of the journey - this is a form of hypnosis that most of us will go into from time to time.

What hypnosis isn't....


Many people when thinking of hypnosis have the image of the swinging watch, of people being made to do silly things, or of the hypnotist taking control of them.

Well firstly, there are no swinging watches usually, certainly not in my office anyway. Hypnotherapy usually involves me talking to the client ..helping them to quieten their minds and leave the outside world behind.

Hypnosis isn't about losing control - you are always in control during the process and can leave hypnosis whenever you want to. Instead of losing control, you may like to think of it as gaining control - that is of whatever you brought with you to the session.

Another common belief is that in hypnosis you'll be 'put under' as if this is something a Hypnotherapist will do to you....rather the hypnotic state is similar to daydreaming...or a state of focused inner awareness. It is a natural state, and a Hypnotherapist will simply guide you.

So what is Hypnotherapy ?

Hypnotherapy is using this natural state of hypnosis to work with your inner mind to create change you want to make.

It is a way of communicating with the part of the mind where fears, worries and doubts are stored, and finding a different way, or a different response.

It is not a case of just pretending the worries aren't there - or telling yourself not to worry -this never works.

With hypnosis we can take a break from the mind clutter and constant overthinking and we can reset - we can take a step back and learn better ways to work through life's situations.

How will I feel during a hypnotherapy session?

Everyone is different and every session is different. Some clients report feeling no different at all - that they were still aware of everything going on around them. Others may feel as though they have been somewhere else, or even as if they were asleep - they are deeply relaxed. In both situations, the positive suggestions can still have an effect.


What if I can't be hypnotized?

Most people are able to enter hypnosis. Occasionally there can be resistance when some of the common beliefs are held - when the client sees the Hypnotherapist as someone who is going to control them, rather than facilitate positive change.
If someone doesn't want to go into hypnosis, then they probably won't.
It's important that you trust the Hypnotherapist and have a good rapport with them, this will make the process far easier as there will be less resistance due to feeling apprehensive.
For hypnosis to be successful it's important that you want to go into hypnosis, that you understand the process and are happy with how it happens.

It is important that the changes you are seeking to make are for your benefit and not for anyone else, and not just because you think you should do it.

For example, you may come to stop smoking because you've been told you have to, or because you think you should. What's more important is that you want to stop. In this way, you are far more likely to succeed.

It is important to know that hypnosis isn't a magic wand, it's not simply a case of listening to a Hypnotherapist and all will be well. Rather it is a process in which you and your hypnotherapist work together to identify your goals, and work towards getting you to those goals.

While we can never give a guarantee with hypnotherapy or any therapy, when working together we will identify your goals at the start then work together to get you where you want to be.

To find out more about hypnotherapy see FAQs


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