• Claire Norris

Anxiety and Fear 😨

Updated: Apr 3

We are all feeling anxiety and fear right now in varying degrees, so here are my thoughts on it.

1. You may feel waves of anxiety that occasionally feel very intense, especially if it turns out to be just after a news announcement or hearing something unsettling. It doesn't mean you can't cope, it just means you are reacting in a normal way to a frightening or uncertain event.

2. You may pick up anxiety from others around you, whether that's online or in person. We have a tendency to pick up on emotion around us and get carried along with it. Ask yourself is this my feeling or someone else's? Are the things they are passing to me real, or imagined.

3. As humans we have a natural tendency to look for the danger and any threats to our survival and safety, so we will tend to overestimate the dangers and underestimate our abilities or resources. We have an in built super scanner, keeping us alert to threat - ask yourself is your super scanner filtering out the facts among the hysteria.

4. Fear is a great tool for survival. It makes you carefully consider the possibilities and gives you an awareness of danger - without fear you'd be in more danger! I know this sounds strange, but that in-built fear system keeps you alert and lets you know when it's time to act. Ask yourself is there anything I can practically do right now, is this fear justified, is it fact or opinion.

5. Some people will be affected more than others by anxiety. People telling you to stay calm won't help, and may even wind you up more, but that doesn't mean you can't help yourself. Practice mind calming techniques: they may help keep your fears from getting out of control. All you can do is take every practical step to keep yourself as well as you can.

6. The subconscious survival system has an inbuilt instinct to find safety under threat... but as this is such an uncertain time, we cannot easily meet that instinctive need for safety, so we will feel more anxiety. This is where practical steps such as avoiding too much news, and keeping yourself informed from reliable sources will help. Also keeping yourself as physically healthy as you can, and looking after yourself.
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