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What if hypnobirthing doesn't work?

Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation method that uses relaxation, visualisation, and self-hypnosis techniques to help you have a calmer, more manageable birth experience. While many find it beneficial, it is important to set out from the start what your expectations should be.

I often hear people say it didn't work for them. But on further discussion we often find that it is the expectation of what hypnosis should achieve for birth and what should happen, that has let them down.

So, in my classes I promote the idea that you are using a set of tools and techniques to enhance your birth experience. I believe it is about having ways to cope with whatever birth brings, rather than aiming specifically for a certain way.

I often find it is more likely to result in people feeling is hasn't worked for them when they approach birth convinced that if they use hypnobirthing then it'll be pain free, easy or straightforward. A good class should never promise any of this.

My approach is that I am working with you to arm you with a toolbox of techniques to help you change your mindset, boost your confidence, take control of fears, control your breathing, keep you calmer and help you feel confident to ask the right questions. None of this is likely to go out the window! You'll always have something you can use in various stages.

You really need to be open minded and have a plan b and even plan c. Birth is unpredictable.

Every labour is different. Everyone's experience with labour and pain is different. Factors such as pain levels, previous birth experiences, and personal stress levels can affect how you feel about birth and how well you cope with it.

Preparation and Practice: Hypnobirthing requires time and practice. It's no good just watching a few YouTube videos or listening to a relaxation track and expecting it to be a magic wand.

If you haven’t had enough time to prepare or practice the techniques, they may not be as effective during labour.

Stay Flexible: Have a flexible birth plan. Consider that plans may change on the day, and this is ok. You can still utilise your hypnobirthing techniques and it doesn't mean it hasn't worked if you don't get the birth you planned.

No matter how birth goes on the day, if your aim and focus is to have some relaxation, breathing and calming techniques, then you'll always be able to use them in one way or another.

Added to this, many people report that they are able to use the techniques for everyday life, long after birth. So no matter how birth turns out, it has helped you in some way.

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Have a read of the various birth stories on the site and you may be surprised to learn that even in the ones where the plan really did go out the window, Hypnobirthing still meant they were able to deal with it.

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